Wifi connection issue

So I am able to connect to wifi when my router is SSID broadcasting. Once I disable SSID broadcast (to hide), my wifi connection is lost. I have my ssid in the saved networks list, so when select the correct ssid, the only option is ‘forget’ not connect. I don’t know why thats the only option. I want to connect to a hidden ssid. Also, I don;t know why my connect drops when i hide the router. weird. my other phone (non eOS) keeps its connection to router when i disabled the ssid broadcast.

LeEco 2
eOS v0.17

Anyone with any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

Also, my phone mic does not work as of v0.15

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You’ll have to remove the network from your phone (forget), then add it back manually.
In advanced options, scroll all the way down, you’ll find an “Hidden network” setting.

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thanks it worked. cheers

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