Wifi connects but no internet access on fairphone 4

Hello world,

I really hope you can help me…

I used to use a samsung with /e/os and connected to my home wifi with no problems. Many persons using other android flavours and iphones connect to my wifi internet regularly with no issues.

I just bought a Fairphone 4 and it does not work…

It correctly connects to the wifi (so password is correct) at 2.4 GHz ; it correctly gets IP address, DNS and default gateway via DHCP (also tried to set it static); advanced privacy is disabled. No internet acces.

The Wifi Internet access is working correctly (I am connected with my desktop right now), but my Fairphone will not connect to the Internet. It just says No internet access.

The wifi AP is a Fritzbox Router

The /e/OS version is 1.2-20220726206059

The situation is dramatic, as at home I have no mobile coverage…

excuse the basic questions

  • if you ping the phone from the desktop, does it reply? (it should)
  • “no internet access” is a condition when the connectivity-check is failing. Are you able to query the setting from the phone via adb?
    adb shell settings get global captive_portal_https_url
    if yes, can you successfully open the url in the browser of the desktop? (will probably show an empty page still)
  • did you try other DNS servers (outside your router)? accidentally connected to a VPN?

Try to disable MAC address randomization, if available in Wifi network advanced settings.


Thank you!
apparently disabling MAC address randomization did the trick!
now it’s working. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I seem to be having a very similar issue except on the Fairphone 3+ and there does not seem to be any setting for MAC address randomization that I can find. I did also try to ping the device from my laptop and it was reachable. I’m unsure about how to use adb to query the phone but happy to try anything if anyone has any suggestions as it’s quite annoying to have no wifi connection!

Hi all
I have exactly the same problem with my fairphone 4.
I did the following till now:

  • Mobile device reboot.
  • Router reboot.
  • On the phone, changed the settings to static MAC.
  • Changed the DNS server on the router.
  • Router and phone are on the newest release.

But nothing help.
Does anyone have an Idea?

There is a WiFi reset option in Settings > System > Reset options.

Also you can get a more powerful Soft reset of the phone by 15 second press Power button.

Merry Christmas.