WIFI does not want to reconnect on /e os on fairphone 3

I have a problem with WIFI connection: I can connect to my network fine, but after WIFI is disconnected, either by going out of range or toggling WIFI, I cannot reconnect. When I press my network again, it does not say it is saved and it asks for password, but filling this in does not connect to it.
If I reboot the phone I connect to WIFI again, but only until I disconnect again. Though I am connected to the WIFI at this point, I can’t see this in WIFI settings; when I press the network it still asks for the password and I can’t access connection settings of this WIFI network.
I did a couple of times reset all network settings via ‘Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth’. This helps for one time, I can reconnect to the network normally again. But after disconnect I have again the same problem.

I installed recently the latest /e os stable (/e/OS2.1-t-20240603406607-stable-FP3) on my Fairphone 3. I did a complete reinstall of the OS as I had a /e OS version that did not want to update via OTA. That is when the problem first occurred.

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If you try on another Wifi AP, is it the same behaviour?

When your device disconnect, are you far or near to your AP?
I had the same thing on my FP3, I’ve moved closer my AP to where I am most often.
And I had no more disconnect.

It seems to me that Android or an AP can reject a connection when it’s too unstable.

I did not try on another Wifi AP yet, as I don’t have one near. But the distance does not seem to matter, as in I am sitting just 2 meter away from the router.

I did just discover something else: changed the encryption of my router from WPA2/WPA3 to WPA2. This seems to solve the issue with my network, though it is weird the same phone could handle this encryption perfectly before the update.
Also, would be great to have this problem fixed for networks that I can not change the encryption level myself ;').

My AP is configured for WPA2-PSK only.

I will try to pass on WP3 if I have that thing.

Do you check logs of AP or FP3?