Wifi dropouts causing problems in video calls?

I’m having problems with frequent disconnections on calls made via Conversations and Signal using Wifi. It’s a Galaxy S9 on /e/ v1.11.

I have seen Wifi problems mentioned in v1.13 feedback. Have these been resolved, or is another problem causing disconnections? Thanks

Just last night I was reminded, why my S7 or S7edge are not my daily driver – WiFi cut outs!
Listening to FinAmp just in my home network, is no fun that way!

I had a look at the bug tracker and found some S7 bug reported:

Adding “settings put global wifi_suspend_optimizations_enabled 0” is a day and night change.
Maybe you should look into this, too.

3rd album running - head phones need charging soon


Thanks very much for this. I’ve suspected inappropriate switching between wifi and mobile data and am currently trying disabling mobile data when on wifi. Will test further and try the above solution.