Wifi hotspot stops working after a few minutes


Today I am out and about and setup the usual Wifi Hotspot on my Samsung s8 and connected via Wifi from my Debian/stable laptop. However, after a few minutes it stopped working. This is what I managed to figure out:

  • The wifi connection stays connect (PC is connected as far as it is concerned)
  • I cannot ping the gateway (phone’s IP)
  • I rebooted the phone and was able to connect again, but after a few minutes I get the same issue

I’ve been using this setup since 2021 and never ran in to this issue before. I’m running /e/OS 1.18-r-20231207360610-stable-dreamlte. It’s possible that since the last upgrade I’ve not really used tethering (perhaps just for a quick info, so less than 5 minutes).

I am now connected via USB tethering (I didn’t even know I could do that, it’s great!). I will test WiFi tethering again later (from a different location, not sure if that is relevant).

(I’m not sure about the category and tags, please let me know how to fix that if needed.)

I remember similar issues, perhaps the top of this Search (or another) is pertinent ? Maybe different ?https://community.e.foundation/search?context=topic&context_id=54709&q=Hotspot%20Samsung%209&skip_context=true

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