Wifi problems on Teracube 2e

Hello /e/ community,
At the beginning of June 2023, I offered a Terracube 2e smartphone to my wife.
I did not have the availability to migrate her data and set up her smartphone before early August 2023.
I discover an annoying malfunction.
We have a house on 2 floors and the Wifi signal is distributed by a Box located on the 1st floor.
I have a smartphone /e/ (a GS290) and I have no problem connecting to Wifi.
My wife’s smartphone connects well but spends its time losing the Wifi signal, causing disconnections on some applications or games. This is really revelant with “App Lounge”.
Have you ever heard of this kind of dysfunction?
Could this be a material problem and how to make such a diagnosis?
Where can I see the logs of Wi-Fi connections/disconnections?
Best regards.

For the Wi-Fi are you using 5GHz or 2.4GHz? I know the latter is better at longer distances. If already tried then not sure.

As far as logging there is an option in Developer Options, ‘Enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging’.
Once enabled it shows additional info where you select your connections.
I couldn’t tell you what any of it means though. :grimacing:

Thank you for your reply.
The phenomenon is quite obvious from our kitchen, located on the ground floor. It doesn’t matter whether the smartphone uses a 5GHz or 2.4 GHz signal, the disconnections are the same.
My wife’s old smarthone only worked in 2.4 GHz and the wifi connection in the kitchen was good. My own smartphone, a GS290 on /e/ also receives a poorer signal in the kitchen, but is still functional.
I found an option entitled “Allow recording of detailed wifi information” in the developer options menu. I activated it and it gives me additional information on connection status, but not connection/disconnection history.
Best regards,

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