Wifi problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 n7100

I’ve installed eOS on my smartphone and I found this problem: when I connect to wifi, it resultes “connected but without internet access”.

On xda I found that some ROMs need “Murata Wifi fix” to make wifi work. I think I have a murata wifi chip given that, following this guide (here) I found
CHIP: bcm4334_B2
that seems to be a murata chip.
The problem could be another, of course.

Could you help me?

do you have really no internet access or is it only showing in notification line ?
I’m getting this an several devices when connection to my openWRT router with VPN. But the connection is still working

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It is only showing in notification line but it’s the first time it happens with my home router-modem and I have no VPN. It’s a standard modem-router, supplied by my ISP.

Ah, OK, you can put the message to ‘never ask again’ and forget it :wink:

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