Wileyfox Swift - "crackling" (Oreo version)

Any hope of getting an Oreo based version of /e/ for crackling ?

If you will tell us for which device your are asking it would help very much, because there ate a lot Oreo versions available

/e/ functionality is the same on Nougat and Oreo. Oreo is supported by LineageOS, you could build it yourself if you want. link

“crackling” is the device’s name :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the suggestion. I need to see how to get 500GB free disk space somehow.

Thank you! I will try it soon

Thanks for providing this build. I just discovered /e/ and it’s support for crackling.
Installed your ROM but it gets stuck on starting the system. It will keep loading the home screen in an endless loop.
Is there a chance that you will continue working on this? I would appreciate it very much. I am currently using Lineage and I’m fascinated by /e/ and would love to switch.