Will /e/ drop support of a device when LineagOS does?

I noticed that LineageOS has dropped support for devices like Samsung galaxy S6. Does this mean /e/ will drop support too?

@Jurgen /e/ will support devices even when they are dropped by Lineage. The one issue you may notice in the initial months after support by Lineage has been withdrawn is the security patches will be old and not the latest. This is because Lineage is not pulling the latest patches and we use the same Lineage device trees for our builds. To resolve this /e/ will start pulling the security patches but this will need us to increase our storage and network capacity. We plan to continue supporting devices which are discarded by Lineage till they are totally off the market or have no regular users.


@Manoj Thank you for the answer. Good to know devices will be supported for a while. It’s a good thing there’s /e/ and for more than one reason! \o/