Will /e/ for the OnePlus X (onyx) be updated to later versions of Android? Can I help update it?

I’ve been using /e/ on my OnePlus X (onyx) device for almost a year now, and it’s fantastic that I keep getting OTA updates with recent security patches, long after OnePlus abandoned first-party support.

However, I noticed that the latest update to /e/ 0.15 is still based on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat), even though compatible builds of LineageOS 17 and 18 (Android 10 and 11) exist for this device.

Are there any plans to update the base image used to produce /e/ builds for the OnePlusX? If so, when could we expect to see that change? If not, is that because LineageOS has dropped official support?

Is there anything I could do to help support recent Android versions on onyx devices?

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Same for me - would be great to get an upgrade for this phone.