Will /e/ include Corona exposure notification API and if so: when?

No problem. :slight_smile:

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I found the line/package package:/system/priv-app/GmsCore/ **GmsCore.apk** = **com.google.android.gms**

OK, so deviating from the linked instructions not in /system/system/priv-app but in /system/priv-app?

Yes, as I see it at least

Hi Manoj, could you please confirm that the API will be voluntary for the /e/ OS? I do not want phone with any additional spying crap from Google. This was why I’ve decide for /e/ in the first place.


OK. Thanks for the link! I see it’ll be part of microG. That’s OK for me. I’m not using that one anyway.
I guess there will be microG without the API at some point for people who still use Google services. But it is not crucial for me. Thumb up for leaving this out of the initial /e/ installation!

/e/ and micro g are open source. If you don’t like a feature, feel free to remove it and build for your device.

I’m not quite sure that every /e/ user has the profound technical knowledge required to fork those and build their own version.


The end of oct is near. When is the release date?


With the v0.12 build issues still holding up all releases we have added 2 weeks to the microG covid-19 implementation date. The release date will now be around mid of November.


EDIT: I think my original comment was too sarcastic, therefore I deleted everything except this:

Thanks for the status update. When can we expect the explanation you announced here for last week?

Ok I see here, this topic clears something up: NHS Covid-19 app not working

There was a clarification awaited on one of the comments in the article. Once we have that we shall publish that post. Unfortunately of late quite a few issues are getting delayed…

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Ok, good work takes time. lets wait two weeks.

:slight_smile: The article may come out much earlier. I shall share the details here once I get an update.


Ok the article is online, very nice.

do you have a ĺink ?

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Update: The article on microG was shared here

Expect the App to be released this week if testing completes on time.

The steps for the implementation are as under.

  • Users download the covid tracing framwork apk from App Store. This gets installed on top of existing microG on the /e/ OS.
  • User enables the framework app
  • Next user downloads and install covid-19 tracing apps specific to their country or region
  • User activates these covid tracing apps

The whole process has been made a bit complicated so that

  • it has to be installed and enabled by the user deliberately
  • To make it easy in case user wants to remove it at a later date.

Will share proper documentation on this once we are ready to release.


Does this mean it will work with older microG versions too? Or does it still require a certain microG version?