Will theOnePuls 6T US T-Mobile Version work with e/?


I bought a cheap oneplus 1 to try e/. It works really well. But the OnePlus 1 is an old phone and I can feel the phone heating up when running memory intensive apps. Now I want to install e/ on a newer phone. Seems to be alot of OnePlus 6T model phones for sale on eBay in the USA.

But there are several versions available in USA. The T-mobile version only has one sim slot. And the non-T-mobile phones have dual sims. Just wanted to confirm that e/ will install OK on the T-mobile version of OnePlus 6T or If i should avoid the T-mobile version and buy the Factory Un-locked versions with dual sims sold directly by OnePlus? Or maybe e/ works fine with any version OnePlus 6T?

Or would be easier to install e/ on a phone that has an external SD slot?
Or what newer phone has been the most stable with e/ installed?

Thanks - just wanted to double check before actually buying a newer used phone.

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I would like know that too. I have tmobile version on my hand and worry if is good to go with installing e/. please help us with that question. thank you

No, it won’t work, but convert it to international version with MSM download tool which is an awesome tool.
I have used it several times and works like a charm.
My personal phone was converted from US T-mobile version by this tool.
Totally recommend it!!!
Good luck!

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Thanks for the info. I was able to find a One Plus 6 at a good price. 256 GB version in like new condition for $205. OnePlus One worked good with /e/. The OnePlus 6 works great. Highly recommended.

Hi. I tried the tool with and without the USB drivers. My phone did not appear in the tool. I’m still waiting for my unlock token from Oneplus.

Do I need to wait for the unlock token for the tool to work?

Actually from my experience yes it does work on tmobile one plus 6t. That is my daily driver and it works perfectly. All you need to do is to download the Tmobile unlocking app. If it is unlockable ie. paid off, then this app will apply the unlock and then you follow the normal procedure to install e.

edit: I just updated to the latest release this morning

I may be too late to help here, but I did exactly what Donut3 said. I flashed over to the international version which was fairly easy following the XDA Forum guide


After that it was pretty straightforward, though i did lose TWERP with the /e/ Flash, but no biggie