Will there be e/OS on a fold phone in the near future?

Will e/OS support a fold phone?

The latest Honor one looks great.

I do so much work on my phone, the extra space would come in really handy.

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and it is so expectable :grin:…a display with a predetermined breaking line, almost obviously planned obsolescence.

Sure…would be cool if that technology would be somewhat robust for displays to last many years in normal use conditions…

The other answer is:
A phone must be adopted by Lineage OS as a prerequisite to be considered by eOS.


Doesn’t appear that any foldable phones are supported by Lineage.

Shame, would be good for doing work on my 3 hour commute. Will have to keep struggling with the standard phone.

predetermined is a point of view, the constructor one is on the long-term (after many versions) to be somehow relative robust (depends on kind to use it).

I think that this technology is not really new, and some constructors have many versions.
Thus interesting would be to have access on some statistics which may indicate how robust are the devices, and on which part it is sensible.
In my opinion the sensible parts are the hinge, the display and the battery.
Display less than the hinge and the battery.
What I observed during the last years the hinge had changed many time independently on which device constructors it was… I ask me why…

Anyway the use case of it would be perfect to have a shorter device in dimension in the pocket, better to bow ourself on our knees, or avoid gliding on the floor when lowering the pants by the intime moment in the toilet…

no sadly it’s not, maybe because not so much people use it, especially thus who would use a custom rom…
I’ll be curious how it will evolves after that samsung will bring the v5 on the market.
Seems that this one will be more user smart and handy…