Will Xposed work on /e/?

I was browsing the web today and found something called “Xposed framework” That among other things seems to allow you to tell apps they are on vanilla android when they actually are on a rooted one. I was curious if that also works on /e/ and if so can I use the “Xposed installer” from “Apps” or do I have to use another way of installing it?

I have Xposed framework. So yes it works but I don’t know what could hide root thanks to Xposed.
With Magisk there are some tools to do so.

and did you use the xposed installer for that or is there some seperate tool for /e/?

No Xposed was for an IMEI changer app that needed it.
To hide, I just used Magisk Hide. But I don’t have any app that can detect root/custom rom so I don’t know what are the tips to hide root/custom rom.

How do you install xposed and which packeage do you use to? I used addonsu-16 arm64 to root /e/, but now i saw i have to install magisk root to get xposed. Anybody firm with that xposed stoff? Also i didnt found a uninstaller for addonsu-16

The addonsu uninstaller is available from where you got addonsu, here.
You don’t really need to uninstall it though. Root can be disabled in Developer Options.

On Pie Xposed is represented by EdXposed which needs Magisk. Once Magisk is installed you’ll find the EdXposed stuff in the Magisk Manager module download section.

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I first i uninstalled SU, then installed EdXposed-SandHook-v0. after
magisk-riru-v21.2.zip but nothong happens.TWPR schows error and didnt install anything.
Then i tryed magisk-riru-core-v11.zip and
magisk-EdXposed-v0.2.9.6_beta-release.zip. Nothing happend, no Magisk, no root, no install.
Which Modul do you use?

You have to have Magisk installed and working first as EdXposed and other items are technically Magisk modules.
Once Magisk is up and running you can install riru-core and one of the EdXposed offerings straight from Magisk Manager in separate steps. Or of course by flashing the zips. Just do one thing at a time and safely.

  1. Flash/install Magisk. Make sure it works.
  2. Install riru-core. Reboot.
  3. Install EdXposed, Yahfa or Sandhook. Reboot.
  4. Install EdXposed Manager app. From there you’ll see if EdXposed is enabled and working.
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Thank you!
It works. But it slows down the Chiron also. Time for boot is doubled or more and every app needs four or five seconds before it starts. On SDK 27 i never have had it. But i am glad it works.

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Glad it worked out.
For the record, I have always been non-Magisk. I have it and EdXposed on only one ROM. Since I had everything the way I liked it on Nougat (Xposed, Gravity Box, etc.), once I updated to Pie I wanted to replicate the same setup.

Never followed the EdXposed threads so not familiar with how it behaves on various phones. You can check those or search the web to check on any issue with it on your device. No slow downs, lag, or increased boot times on my Essential mata.
Not encrypted if that makes a difference.