Will xz2c update the kernel from 4.9 to 4.19 at some point?

When and who is updating the kernels? is Lineage? Is e/ ?

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/e/OS generally picks up the kernels from upstream (i.e. LineageOS for official LOS devices, or the developer(s) / maintainer(s) of unofficial devices). There will always be a lag between upstream including updates, and /e/ picking them up and including them in /e/OS releases. Especially when /e/ insist on building from their own forks, rather than directly from the upstream repos.

In short, don’t hold your breath :slight_smile: And many (most) kernel updates are not critical: the features they bring are not needed by these phones, and the ‘vulnerabilities’ they fix are not easily exploitable. So o need to stress about always having the most up-to-date kernel


I was just wondering if the device has the kernel update from Sony Dev, why not to use it.