Window phones no longer supported after 2019

As Windows will end support on the Windows Phone operating systems like on my Lumia 950, it would be great If I can continue to use this great device with e. Is ther a chance e may work on this phone?
I believe many users are postponing the switch to an alternative systems till the end of this year, so there may be demand for this.

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As a former Windows Phone user (Lumia 950), I spent some time digging the Net for a way to run any Android ROM on it.
Unfortunately, even if some “hackers” reported a partially successful attempt, it won’t never run fine :frowning:
As many drivers are missing, none of the hardware will work.
So I gave up and managed a way to resell it to a refurbisher (68€, not bad !).
So sad for such an impressive piece of technology, but that’s how it works today …

Thank you very much, I guess I will need to give up on this, and buy something new that is supported.