Women and /e/, how to get more interest

Hi @Windgirl

I’m glad to hear that.
It seems that these are the same interests as for men!


Hello everyone,

another female here, using /e/. :slight_smile:

I think I agree with Gregoire’s wife: A ROM isn’t gendered. Personal tastes vary between people regardless of their gender and as long as things are customisable the ROM can be appealing to anyone.

In general though, a lot of the women I know, are not that interested in tech, don’t care about who does what with their data and therefore won’t try /e/. They just want their phone to run WhatsApp (plus, those who like to stay in touch with me have Signal or Threema installed), so they can stay in touch with everyone, like to not having to worry about battery life, maybe a decent camera, maps, and don’t really care much about much else regarding to their phones. In fact, a lot of them inherit the old phones their boyfriends try to get rid of and will just use them until they fall apart.

I’m telling everyone about /e/ and have happily installed it on my mum’s phone as well. She is not a fan of the Bliss launcher, because it occasionally “forgets” her contact shortcuts on the home screen, but is happy with /e/ apart from that.

I requested an app, that is clearly only relevant to female users for the /e/-AppStore and it was added extremely quickly, so I don’t know if that was to please me as a female user, or just randomly happened quickly. I did appreciate it though.

One thing I would like to point out though, that you’ll notice once you look through apps targeted at women: They tend to be kept in pink colours and with flowers and some cutesy style, which I absolutely hate and also my less techy females friends don’t get why some apps feel they need to look like they are made by/for a 9-year-old girl… this is not the way to attract more women, I think :wink:


I’m horrified that nowadays people create and discuss such a post.
This is so sexist and hostile to women. I don’t have the words.
All human beings are equal, no matter what gender, skin color or belief.
I hope this post here will be closed as soon as possible.

You are right, yet inclusivity needs to be discussed as much as possible. So, even if it’s touchy to start from nowhere, we’ve got to start somewhere…

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Hi, I have been using “S Launcher for Galaxy” by TouchWiz (on the /e/ App store) since June, and haven’t lost a shortcut yet – maybe an alternative to try

I am very new to /e/ and reading in forum.
Is Tinder fully supported?

Hi Nastja, what do you mean by ‘fully’?

You can download Tinder from Aurora Store.
The app apparently has 13 trackers.

Otherwise, on /e/'s Apps Store there’s an app called Tinder Lite that is tracker-free.

I have no idea if Tinder itself, however, is trustworthy or may sell/abuse your data.

Also, does Tinder work? (Not a user here)

tinder is an dating app and I think this post was a joke regarding the headline of this topic


I take women seriously! :slight_smile:

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It’s actually quit hilarious that this topic took a turn like this. It’s maybe a sign for people to lighten up and don’t take stuff other people say so serious.


Hi @dotcoma I was trying to offer a little support to you, but I obviously completely misunderstood, please excuse me.

Hi @harvey186, which post are you referring to as “sexist and hostile to women”, my OP? If so then I think you’ve misunderstood why I wrote it, but let’s get on with the discussing the useful suggestions and feedback from, most recently from @Windgirl and @anja.

Hi @Windgirl, I agree with @claudiousse that those are exactly the same things as men are interested in, how unsurprising! :slight_smile:

Hi @anja, again what you describe sounds like just the kind of thing which men are interested in, I see a theme developing! I completely agree about trying to avoid gender stereotypes in how app UIs are designed, although I am still interested to know if UI navigation and interaction preferences are inherently biased towards men’s expectations or if that’s not irrelevant and not worth considering further.

I think that @GaelDuval’s tweet was not specifically about /e/ OS but more generally how he can spread the privacy message to as many women as men. I’m sure that privacy is just as important to both (binary) genders so I’m sure that Gael could balance his audience, but I don’t know how to suggest he goes about it.

However, obviously Gael and the whole /e/ team and community know that we’re not the only people interested in data privacy and talking about it on social media, so maybe the audience overall is balanced and not something which needs to be considered further. Does anyone have any idea about that?

But I’ve just remembered these great videos I watched recently: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSX72xsOIA5-22R1K95mcgA
Is this a valid method? Or is this also patronising? Maybe it depends on the gender of the presenter.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Maybe @GaelDuval or someone else from the /e/ team can participate in some podcasts which include privacy as one of their main topics? My suggestions (English language, as unfortunately I don’t listen to others in other languages) include:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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@madbilly thanks for those links. They are going to be a really good source of more info. :smiley:

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why you think it was a joke?

If you don’t understand that your so-called funny joke can be disagreable that’s too bad for you.

If you don’t understand that it’s not a joke against women, too bad for you.