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I made the following observation with the tracker blocker of the Advanced Privacy feature and Android’s sandboxed work mode (via Island, a third-party app): Personal apps outside the work environment are obviously properly managed by the privacy feature as the expected* trackers eventually show show up in the list of blocked leaks with increasing usage time. Apps in the work environment, however, don’t. Any idea why? Could it be that the work environment bypasses the tracker blocker and access the network directly? And if so, anything I can do about it?

/e/OS 1.2 Q, Fairphone 3

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  • All expected trackers sans Facebook. Can’t see any Facebook trackers anywhere even though a few apps have them built in according to the native app store of /e/OS.

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I think you’d need to follow the discussion at Advanced Privacy doesn't identify trackers in pro profile (Shelter) (#5648) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Thank you very much for the pointer @tcecyk ! I guess this remains an open issue for now.

See this post for a followup post for the above, which also makes sense over at the other thread.

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