XA2 plus - can't boot to flashmode

I’ve recently flash latest eOS on my XA2 plus and didn’t like it so wanted to return to stock ROM but I’m unable to boot into flash mode (only fastboot mode works).

When i power off my phone and then hold volume down and connect cable it will briefly show red led and then “unlocked bootloader” message shows up, then sony logo and red led turns off.

I have tried multiple laptops, usb hubs, different cables but i just can’t get into flash mode…

Can anybody help?

Nevermind just found out how to do it so here are brief instructions if any one else gets stuck as I did:

  • use XperiFirm to download desired stock ROM
  • get newflasher
  • make sure on your eos that usb debbuging is enabled and your device (laptop/PC) is allowed
  • power off your phone, what 5-6 seconds
  • hold volume down and keep holding it until green led appears
  • navigate to directory of firmware downloaded with xperifirm
  • run ‘newflasher’ command (i have chosen to end in power off mode and dumped trim area first - then run the command again without dump trim area option)

When done, disconnect cable and power on device