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Hi, i can see the eOS 1.12.3 was releases few weeks ago, but not for the Xiaomi Lisa. Is there something wrong with the builds or should we build it ourselves?

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Thanks for pointing it out @tomiknez . Have added it to the list of devices that missed the build.

Hi, seems lisa still didn’t get its build.

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Some help to downgrade to Android 12 would also be very helpful for the time being. Thanks!

Is version 1.13 the next build to be released or are we still waiting for 1.12?

What do you mean by this?

A few devices missed v1.13 and an issue was opened around this. They should be added as part of v1.14


before flash, I downloaded some img from LineageOS installation guide (dtbo, vendor_boot), which aren’t on e/os guide for Lisa…
Hope it will work.
Is it mandatory to have Android 12 installed to flash /e/ for lisa ?

I ran into the same problem as @georgie_abitbol and @Maarten with the /e/ os installation and I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the documentation. The Xiaomi 11 light 5g NE (“lisa”) is shipped with Android 11. However, the newest supported Android version is Android 13, so when I update my device has a higher Android version than required in the documentation. To install Android 12, I would have to unlock my device, which is only demanded much later in the documentation. I therefore assume that there is an error in the documentation or that the documentation is out of date. I ask you for clarification.
Greetings C36c3


You will have to unlock your Xiaomi anyway.
In my case, I was with another custom rom android 13, but, to flash /e/OS, I flashed an old Miui 13 from xiaomi.eu website.
Miui 13 is under Android 12, so it lets flash /e/OS after.