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Although I strictly followed the instructions during the installation, the actual installation of /e/OS 1.9 (“adb sideload”) gave the error message “Signature verification failed”. You can ignore this and do the installation anyway, see screenshot.

The smartphone starts normally after that and everything works.

However, today the update to version 1.10 took over an hour, see picture.

Sorry, but embedding images is not working for me right now, so the screenshots are just links.


I want to share some steps I struggled with. May be it will be helpfull for someone else.
(Model M2101K9G)

I followed the instructions to install version 1.11 and was able to flash dtbo, vendor_boot and recovery image.

After that, I was stuck in fastboot mode or when trying to boot into recovery mode with volume up + power, I got grapic bugs and the screen only showed the mi logo + some wild flickering on the screen.

I used the latest shared resources:

Then I went the try and error approach with different version of the resources.

Boot into recovery failed also with:

Working combination:

Is it possible to link to or mention the nightly build of dtbo & vendor_boot which were checked and working at the time of writing the documention?

I also discovered a mismatch in the mentioned android version the device has to have.
While eOS mentions Android 12, LineageOS mentions version 13. Is this important to have in sync, since the instructions linking to LineageOS resources?

I was able to update my device to Android 12 only.

I haven’t tested further to get 1.11 running yet and will update if there is also a working combination for me.

Thanks alot for your effort to provide eOS for so man devices.

Best torben

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