Xiaomi Mi 4C builds also

I didn’t build it but I’ve tested it

I did the build based on the official repo, no issues here.

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Where can i find mi4c build to test on my second phone ? Thanks

@delscate @andu

I have set up an unofficial build server where you can get daily unofficial builds (around 13:00 CET). Feel free to download and test:
Image: https://loft11074.serverprofi24.de/e/libra/e-0.1-UNOFFICIAL-libra-latest.zip
Checksum: https://loft11074.serverprofi24.de/e/libra/e-0.1-UNOFFICIAL-libra-latest.zip.sha256sum

As this is an unofficial build, it does not get OTA. It is however build with the official /e/ docker image + current /e/ sources, so should be close to the official builds.

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Thanks Ralf for this, I’ll get a new build after I see some relevant updates on gitlab.

Please note: I will have to take down this server as of 2018-10-25, so those builds will not be available anymore.

Ralf, thanks for your effort AFAIC this is no loss.