Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Install e /os

Hi I have a Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite and i would like to install your OS on it, im still an amateur on the topic and don’t know where to find the right version to download .I know the phone is not on the list but someone told me you can still have the OS .
Features of my phone :
Version Android: 10 QKQ1.190828.002
Version MIUI MIUI Globale
Thank for your help
PS ( Im french so excuse my english)

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Hi, no official /e/OS ROM exists for the Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite (codename ‘pyxis’).

The only chance I see to run the ‘pyxis’ with /eOS is to install it with a /e/ Generic System Image (GSI). As an ‘amateur’ you will probably need help from a third party.

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Thanks for your help i managed to install it i have another problem now. I want to unlock the bootloader and when i run the command fastboot devices my phone is not detected , im in the right folder and on my phone its fastboot interfaces ,usb cable is working so i don’t see the problem.

First, the bootloader of your Mi 9 Lite has to be unlocked via a Xiaomi account. You need a valid SIM card with some data volume and an e-mail account. Have you done that?

Yes I have done that SIM card + mi account the thing is when i go fastboot mode my pc don’t detect my phone .

A Windows PC as a host machine requires constant control of the settings in the Windows ‘Device Manager’. Depending on the Windows version, this changes several times, depending on the executed command!

Are you sure you followed this Xiaomi instructions exactly:

  1. Turn off your Mi 9 Lite
  2. Hold VOL (-) and POWER at the same time
  3. Only now connect your phone to the PC via USB cable
  4. As soon as an existing connection is detected, the ‘Unlock’ button in the Xiaomi tool is activated - then immediately release both buttons.

Try it again.

Did you succeed installing GSI on Mi 9 lite? Did it work? If so, did you have any problems with GSI on this phone? Thanks!