Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite

I’m trying to avoid Google where possible, unfortunately my smartphone is still in their grasp. So yeah, I’d love to see /e/ on Mi 9 Lite!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Even after more than a year I would love to see /e/ on the Mi 9 Lite!

…have you tried GSI builds meanwhile ?

We also suggest you try to engage the XDA community to “stimulate” building:

Last but not least, consider to build (and, why not, maintain) yourself:



Hope that inspires !

There is an unofficial LOS 18.1 build here

All the git repos you need are here

“Issue” just opened:

A year after I would to see /e/ Rom for Mi 9 lite, too!

There is no official LineageOS build for this device - see https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/#xiaomi

So there won’t be an official /e/OS build either - it doesn;t matter how long you wait :slight_smile: If no-one is motivated to make an unofficial build (and if they were, I guess they would have done it by now) then the /e/ OS GSI mentioned above is your only hope

But mi 9 lite is supported by LOS

,it is supported by los for micog too.

Still, it is not supported by /e/ os ?!

Sorry - I did not spot it on the LOS Devices wiki page.

In that case, an /e/OS build would be very straightforward. It seems that LOS are currently making LOS 20.0 / Android T builds, and /e/OS are currently moving to Android T for some devices. They have in the past added new devices which were supported by earlier LOS versions. I don;t knw whether they have any plans to repeat that exercise

I hope they’ll find motivation. If straightforward, beneficial, also exercising is good and you are expanding community. I ditched windows for linux , and plan is to ditch google. I am sick that windows own my pc and google my smartphone and society. I found los for microg but /e/ is big upgrade with basic cloud and degoogling more. Luckily I had old MiA1 to try and it is great. But HW is old, buttons are failing so need to switch to mi 9 lite still in great shape. Even if you don’t have degoogle motivation battery lasts 60% more on mia1. GSI roms generally didn’t work good enough on mi 9 lite so I don’t expect e os to work either as daily driver. I didn’ t find info about /e/ results on mi 9 lite though.
Some lazy about how to fork los for micog and add /e/ repo + configuration to support new device would be good if possible. /e/ guys PLEASE add Mi 9 lite!
Anyhow /e/ os for privacy ( linux phones are not really usable) and graphene os for security are the best we have today. So thank you /e/ for visionary.

Mi 9 Lite is on the list to get /e/os soon !
I bought another phone just because it supports /e/ os, redmi note 9 pro .I never thought that you listen community that carefully. Although I am using another smartphone now big thanks for supporting Mi 9 Lite soon. There are some good vibes behined /e/ os more than just degoogling. It has story around with strong future which people will need more than most of them realize today.
At some point you must sacrify convenience for future with common sense.
However think that future will be in /e/ os privacy with hardened security as well + and strong people demanding that all offical aplications which interacts with institutions like bank or government must be opensource based. NO ONE should be able to collect any data from those apps and they should not request any proprietary services to be able run.
Problem today is not that google services collects data aa much as they give full remote control over your phones without your consent.