[HOWTO] Building /e/ ROMs - a Beginner's Guide

I was asked in another thread

I started to pull together all the links - to these forums and elsewhere - that I have found useful. After a while, I decided to pull that information, and other stuff I have learned since I started trying to build ROMs. After a while, I decided to take all the notes I had made and convert them into “Beginner’s Guide”.

This is not intended to duplicate information from the Official /e/ OS How to Build the /e/ ROM? document.and the other information in the /e/ Documentation and in these forums. Instead my intention is to point at the ‘authoritative’ (and - with luck - up-to-date) sources of the information, and to provide ‘extra’ stuff based on my experience.

It is intended to be a starting point for people who - like me - want to make /e/ OS builds, but don’t have much (any) experience of building Android custom ROMs. It assumes a reasonable familiarity with working with computers, but tries to be accessible for those with only limited experience of building software, and of working with command line tools, remote machines etc.

The first version is incomplete (and badly needs editing), but I hope to keep adding to it when I have time, and as I find out more. I hope that it can be a useful resource for anyone wanting to start building ROMs.

The document can be found in my git.coop Wiki

Any feedback is very welcome: criticism, suggestions for changes / additions / deletions

Much of what I have learned has come from other /e/ ROM builders and users, to whom I am very grateful, including @Unknown, @Anonyme, @harvey186, @itsclarence, @steadfasterX, @Manoj, @Ingo_FP_Angel , @LEPT and others. Thank you all!


Looks like one has to register at git.coop in order to access the wiki. Is there a way to make it publicly accessible? Or mayber later once you feel it’s good enough for everyone to see?

Thanks for spotting that deliberate error :slight_smile:

I have moved the article to a public repo, and corrected the link (I think)

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Hello Peter,
I would love to learn and actively contribute to the success of your project. But I fail at the very first step - registering with git.coop.

My email account is with tutanota com, a reputable, reliable and secure email provider. Nevertheless, git.coop claims:

1 error prohibited this user from being saved:
Email domain is not authorized for sign-up

How can I overcome this barrier?

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Hi @SuzieQ

Thanks very much for your offer to help.

You should be able to view the Wiki page, the repository it is part of and the group containing this and other repositories without having to register or create an account. Please let me know if that isn’t possible.

git.coop is a Gitlab instance hosted by the Webarchitects Co-operative and it provides hosting for members of the co-operative. The error message you saw really means “Sorry! Accounts on this gitlab instance are only available to co-op members”, but it was written by a software engineer, not a writer :wink: So if you wanted or needed an account there you would have to join the co-op :slight_smile:

The way things are currently setup, the document is a Wiki page, rather than a normal file in the git repo, so only people with a git.coop account (i.e. co-op members) can edit it.

If you wanted to contribute to the document - and that would be great - then the easiest way is for me to change the document so it is a normal file within the git repo, rather than a Wiki.

Then you can either clone the repo on your local machine, or fork it in a public repo on github or gitlab, make your changes, then submit them as patches or pull requests.

If you’re happy to do that, then I’ll make the necessary changes, If it seems too fiddly, or too much hassle, then please feel free to just send emails, or forum messages or make comments in this thread.

Please let me know what works for you.


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Hi Pete,
your explanations are great because clearly understandable. Thank you. It did ‘Ahh’ for me.

Please don’t make extra work and effort for yourself at the moment. I need to be able to see to what extent I can contribute something useful, because as a ROM builder I am at the beginning, 1st grade primary school, so to speak.

How and where can I ask questions without you having to change the wiki now?

My first question on your git coop instance would be: What would be your recommendation for a well-equipped private desktop workstation in my workspace? I was thinking of an AMD Ryzen XXXXX, 32GB RAM, SSD + HDD, etc… Internal line via stable fibre optic connection is already available.