Xiaomi Mi A1 - Camera Issue

I am cross posting a little form the issue reporting on GitLab. I have not had much luck there.

TL;DR: Please could support for the second camera (x2) on the Xiaomi MiA1 be added to the /e/OS.

So, bought a phone supported by /e/OS as you do :slight_smile: Installed said OS after a very brief play with AndroidOne. Now, the x2 Optical Zoom was a good selling point for the Xiaomi MiA1 and worked great in the stock OS. In /e/ there is no option, what so ever, to activate it :frowning:

I understand /e/ is in beta, but if a phone is listed as โ€œsupportedโ€ then I feel all of the hardware on the phone needs to be supported otherwise that is more like alpha than beta.

Overall, quite happy with how the OS is functioning and I canโ€™t wait to fully degoogle :smiley:

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