Xiaomi Mi A1 GPS is not working well

Hello community,

the GPS on my xiaomi mi a1 is not working well.

An example: When i use whatsapp and want to share my location it says “accurate to 2000 meters” (had to use google translate for the sentence, hope you understand) and thats not normal.

Same when i use Magic Earth (the /e/ navigation app) i has problems to find my location. Sometimes its working ok, sometimes not. Or it shows me 20 meters away from street when driving in car.

Can i do something to get GPS working better? Something like a workaround maybe?

Kinda regards Julius

Pl can you raise it as an issue in Gitlab. This is a bug.

the same for me since May. try using a location service inside a browser, e.g. firefox: for me it works fine. When Magic Earth doesn’t work, I open Waze, it always works