Xiaomi Mi A2 - Install: Stuck at flashing recovery image via fastboot

Hello e/OS Community.

I am trying to install e/OS on the Mi A2, but stuck on the step at https://doc.e.foundation/devices/jasmine_sprout/install , where I need to flash the recovery image to the device.

The Bootloader should be unlocked and USB debugging activated, when I check the device settings:

I boot the device in fastboot and type the following commands in the console:

~$ fastboot devices
112765a  fastboot

~$ fastboot flash boot Downloads/recovery-e-1.14-r-20230817321316-dev-jasmine_sprout.img 

…but nothing seems to happen afterwards. It seems like I could wait forever and even have waited multiply hours.

Do you have any advices, what I could try?

Thanks you

  1. In case of difficulty cross reference the Lineage install page https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/jasmine_sprout/install where we see

Some devices have buggy USB support while in bootloader mode … try a different USB port …

preferably soldered to the motherboard.

  1. Are you using up to date platform tools ?
fastboot --version
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Wow, this made the difference! Thanks a lot my personal hero :smiley: