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I found an open subject about "Xiaomi Mi A2 Jasmine_sprout (my actual phone) about “Documentation Suggestions”.
I will try to think about it (-vs- my cognition troubles) and I will come back, when information will came in mind.

I just read in a another open subject (doc. suggs) : a member who suggested to “better” describe “step-by-step” operation for flashing e.rom. in ex. For some devices, it’s true : it’s just a copy/paste of the LOS instructions and it is a little bit “not enough”.

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@Manoj , there are some points to be corrected and added, on the page:

After point 7. on “Unlocking the bootloader”, it should be added:

(optional) If, when trying to flash the ROM, you get a message about not having permission on critical partitions, this command should be run in fastboot mode:
fastboot flashing unlock_critical
This command, just like during the bootloader unlock process, will erase all information on the device.

On “Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using fastboot”, in point 4., is necessary to remove the command:
fastboot flash recovery <recovery_filename>.img
since this device does not have a recovery partition

On “Installing /e/ from recovery”, after point 7 and before point 8, it should be added:

With the above process, the /e/ ROM has been flashed into the inactive slot. Unfortunately on this device, this process does not automatically change the inactive slot to active, so we will have to change it manually.

To do this, and after finishing the adb sideload process, we will reboot in fastboot mode, typing this command in the command window on the PC (the new versions of TWRP, if it is the Recovery you have used, allow you to change the active slot from an option):
adb reboot bootloader

Once in fastboot mode, check which slot is active:
fastboot getvar current-slot

And activate the inactive slot:
fastboot set_active a
fastboot set_active b

After marking the previously inactive slot as active, reboot the device normally:
fastboot reboot