Xiaomi Mi8 SE - Sirius

Hi /e/,

Awesome initiative!
I’m currently running a LineageOS based rom with microg, but keeping it up 2 date is a hard thing (for me at least) so /e/ for this device would make my day (/year/life/ :smiley:).

The alternate ROMs almost all include Google trash, which is a pain to get rid of and almost none if them has a steady upgrade path. Regarding rom’s it’s total mayhem out there. I just want to have a Google-less phone (that also counts for Apple or whatever the name of the big data eating brand might be). I really don’t understand all those rom builders who include the trash in advance… that’s deliberately poisoning Android… just insane. Anyways, some more nfo:

  • Supported Android versions:

Oreo, Pie, 10

  • Other ROM’s it is currently running :

LineageOS, Havoc, MiUI, Pixel Experience, Evolution, DOT Extended and many other (vague) rom’s

  • is it maintained?

Maintained / not maintained (depends on the rom)

  • is the current ROM official or unofficial:


  • urls on XDA or other forums where the device custom roms are available: