Xiaomi Mido: LineageOS 14.1 EOL

You should not install the official nougat version. But you can install the unoffcial PIE version

Mido does not have any rollback protection and also never got over android nougat so it is possible downgrade from 9 to 7 for this specific device :slight_smile:

Yes there are devices which are exceptions to the downgrade rule. A downgrade on some like the whyred can have bad consequences. All the same better to be safe than sorry.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - “mido” s a robust device. From /e/ OS ROM e-0.7-n-2019121734423- dev (nougat) to your e-0.7-pie-20200303-UNOFFICIAL as well as LOS 16.0 to custom ROMs based on Android™ 1Q including OrangeFox and back again to /e / OS ROM e-0.9-n-2020051554230-dev-mido incl. TWRP Recovery v3.3.1-0 I tried everything. But again and again I return to a custom ROM that has been continuously developed and maintained for two years. The stability under ASOP 10 is just superb.

Can you please send me the link? Is it test version? Will i have security updates?

:mag: Search …

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 mido || e-0.7-p-20200316-UNOFFICIAL-mido

it has the same sources as all other eOS versions. But it’s a little older:(

No, it’s a user build. As fas as the user don’t ceate a new build you will stay on the the ‘old’ one

I try making a new one today :slight_smile:

Send my the roomservice.xml via https://del.dog/ and I can try. My building maschine get’s dusty :slight_smile:

Either you try with lineage sources they should have 16.0 or with zeelog and i like to use not kernel for mido but lineage sources should be just fine :slight_smile:

You are meaning only add vendor sources, all other will work out of the box ?

yes that should be it :slight_smile:

OK, let’s try …

perfect. build is running

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Oops ! Just launched one using Docker, 10mn ago :smiley:
Killed and switched to another device :wink:

Yeah, better. Build is at 86% :sweat_smile:

Pls have a look here for new PIE build [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

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Please send me the /e/ pie version UNOFFICIAL link. Thanks

It’s in the link from above post

I usually update List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds when publishing a new build, do you think it’s a good practice ? :wink: