Xiaomi Mido: LineageOS 14.1 EOL

Can you please send me the link? Is it test version? Will i have security updates?

:mag: Search …

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 mido || e-0.7-p-20200316-UNOFFICIAL-mido

it has the same sources as all other eOS versions. But it’s a little older:(

No, it’s a user build. As fas as the user don’t ceate a new build you will stay on the the ‘old’ one

I try making a new one today :slight_smile:

Send my the roomservice.xml via https://del.dog/ and I can try. My building maschine get’s dusty :slight_smile:

Either you try with lineage sources they should have 16.0 or with zeelog and i like to use not kernel for mido but lineage sources should be just fine :slight_smile:

You are meaning only add vendor sources, all other will work out of the box ?

yes that should be it :slight_smile:

OK, let’s try …

perfect. build is running

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Oops ! Just launched one using Docker, 10mn ago :smiley:
Killed and switched to another device :wink:

Yeah, better. Build is at 86% :sweat_smile:

Pls have a look here for new PIE build [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

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Please send me the /e/ pie version UNOFFICIAL link. Thanks

It’s in the link from above post

I usually update List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds when publishing a new build, do you think it’s a good practice ? :wink:

yes sure :smiley:
if I don’t forget, I will send you an note that I have created a new build … but I’m so forgetful :frowning:

Everyone can edit, best done just when posting link :wink:

I will do my very best

I’ve done this one for you :slight_smile:

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