Xiaomi Note5 Pro Bootloop after Smartphone encryption


I have a Xiaomi Note 5 Pro, a sdcard 32GB and take the internal and the SDCARD together as one disk.
After that i set the encryption and after rebooting the phone dont come up to start screen. After setting the encrytion password it loads and reboots into twrp.

does anybody has such an problem?

my eos 0.20


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I’m having a similar issue with my Redmi Note 9 Pro. /e/ ROM came with encryption enabled by default, when flashed through /e/'s own recovery, but when I flashed /e/ through OrangeFox (a TWRP fork) using the same ROM image, it wasn’t encrypted. Enabling encryption manually sent the phone in a boot-loop.
Did you succeed to get your Note 5 Pro encrypted? Did you try by flashing /e/ through their own recovery?

I left my phone decrypted and no SD card. Otherwise it hangs in a bootloop…