Xiaomi POCO X2 Phoenix

Supported versions : Android 10, 11,12
Adding list of Custom ROMs available -
Arrow OS OFFICIAL (Android 10,11,12), CHERISH OS OFFICIAL (11,12), Havoc OS OFFICIAL Android 10,11), Carbon ROM OFFICIAL(Android 10,11), Palladium OFFICIAL (Android 11,12), AICP, crDroid (Android 10,11), Lineage 18.1 UNOFFCIAL FORK and lot more are available.
Few supported Links

Fork Lineage Os for Poco X2 - pling.com [Fork Lineage OS -Unofficial]

I would like to have /e/ OS in POCO X2. I hope the above details help the dev team. Anyone interested can add more links that will be helpful. Please support!

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Anyone out there using poco x2? Please support!

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Yea I’m using and I would be Willing to test If Some dev builds It

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That’s great, I hope they build it.

Waiting till next year