Xiaomi - Redmi 3S/3X - land - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the Xiaomi - Redmi 3S/3X - land here …

Please, put an advisory note on the installing page telling that the device must be on MIUI 9 before flashing the /e/ land image.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will make this note prominent for all upgrade guides

Thanks Manoj, but I mean you must get MIUI 9 at the very first installing as well, not like the install guide says.
Another thing:on the note about alternate solution for Linux users instead MiFlash Windows tool we can use MiFlash Tool V2 (https://github.com/francescotescari/XMT/releases/tag/v9.3.29) without any problem, and works so fine, at least on an Archlinux system, which I’m using.

In Linux you can run flash_all.sh from within the unzipped MIUI folder and that works as well. Was just flashing the stock on a Redmi Note 7 Pro violet. I use a Ubuntu 20.04 and this works quite well.

Much better, thanks again.But with the MiFlash V2 you can flash TWRP, and an /e/ image as well, it can work like and easy installer, but I’m think this last phrase is going out off topic, sorry.