Xiaomi Redmi 3S : Keep Rebooting + Power Off


My Xiaomi Redmi 3S was out of battery and powered off by itself.
I plugged it and try to reboot.
The problem is it keeps rebooting : launch /e/ and when I see the screen enter my pin, I can sometimes see “Safe Mode” in the left bottom corner and the process “Power Off” running and shutting down the phone.
I can’t go to the recovery mode thanks to the buttons of my phone.
I’m thinking going through "Fast Boot.

Any idea of what to do next ?
Any advice would be appreciated

Issue Fixed.

It was because the adapter didn’t charge properly my phone.
I changed the source of power and now it’s on.

Suggestion : let the user know when the battery is out and the phone don’t have enough power to launch.
See the example of Macbook animation of the battery when it’s out of battery.

Ps : Great Work!


If your phone is on charger and it’s powered off you can push the power button short to check the loading status. if the status lower than 5% the laugh will fail.