Xiaomi - Redmi 4(X) - santoni - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the Xiaomi - Redmi 4(X) - santoni here …

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Hi @Manoj !

  • unlock and custom recovery installation are duplicated
  • (common for all Xiaomis ?) “latest MIUI dev package” is unclear : should be “latest MIUI for the same Android version as /e/ (Oero, Pie, Q, …)”. This could exempt us from the infamous error 7 :wink:
  • (common for all docs ?) for beginners, at “flash” and “sideload” you may want to mention that binary file has to be in current path, or that path has to be specified (ie “fastboot flash recovery /somepath/file.img” or “fastboot flash recovery c:\somepath\file.img”)

(copy/paste from chiron thread :wink: )

Thanks for reporting this. There is an issue with the templates generating the install docs. Will have it updated.