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Hi Manoj,
It is a great and pleasent suprise that the foundation supports Redmi Note 5A.
Thank you.
Where can I raise bugs?

To raise issues, you can refer this guide.

The documentation mentions flashing super_empty.img, but does not mention where to obtain it. It is not included in the downloads that are linked.

I found that a file with that name can be downloaded from the LineageOS download page for that model. It worked fine in my case (Redmi 5A) and the installation succeeded without issues.

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Hi ,

The eOS guide is missing the LOS wiki bit that tells you to downgrade to Android 7.1

Without this the recovery install will fail

I think I didn’t do any downgrade on the 5A and I was still able to flash the rom successfully. I think the phone had all upgrades installed, so I can’t imagine it was still on Android 7.1. I simply used the /e/ recovery. Version might have be /e/ 1.20 or 1.21.