Xiaomi Redmi 4x Latest Update: 10.12.21?

I am just asking to be sure. Is it true that the latest update for Xiaomi Redmi 4X is from December last year? No more updates since then?

My Configuration:
Phone: Redmix 4x
Eos: Android 8.1.0, 10 Dec 2021
System version: 0.20-o-20211210151039-dev-santoni
Latest Security-Update: 5. Oct. 2021

Or am I missing something?

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You’re on Oreo, not supported anymore by /e/.
Mine is running 0.23 Pie, from January 2022.


Ah okay… Have to do an update then…
I missed that the support for the older Android had stopped.

For the reference, latest stable/global firmware : Redmi 4X (santoni) Firmware Downloads | Xiaomi Firmware Updater

I don’t know if you can just upgrade, please take some backups before attempting !

Okay… done an upgrade to new /e/os.
OS is working.
:grinning:Good that you mentioned to do a backup before. :grinning:
Phone is acting as if it was totally new (all apps and information gone).
Thanks for your help

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Nice ! :+1:
Happy to have been of help, the 4X is a very good device :smiley_cat:

Hi all,

Is 0.23 from April 12 the last update we are getting on this device?


Unfortunately, Murena had to drop support for Pie devices, and I couldn’t find any plan for a Q/R build :crying_cat_face:

You can find some alternatives here : Telegram: Contact @r4xdownloads (main support channel in group info).

That’s a pity :frowning: I think that’s because of the old kernel. Anyway, thanks for the link :wink:

Hello everyone,

as LineageOS has reactivated support for Redmi 4x / santoni (also 3s / land and others) for LOS 20


are there any updates from /e/ expected as well?


Is there any way to directly trigger the /e/OS Build Team about this, as them is apparently the maintainer of the build?