Xiaomi Redmi 7a - Install eOS from SD Card not possible


I installed LineageOS on my Redmi 7a by saving the image to the internal SD card and running the installation from the SD card.
Now I wanted to switch to eOS, unfortunately the eOS Recovery does not offer the possibility to install from the SD card. SD card is formatted with FAT32. Am I possibly doing something wrong?
The installation via sideload is permanently aborted. Thank you very much!

Have you ruled out the possibility that you are attempting a downgrade?

Hi, I have actually installed the latest LineageOS version and am now trying to install eOS 1 or 2. I suspect that even the eOS 2 would be a downgrade.

But that can’t be the reason why I can’t install from the SD card? I rather suspect the ADB sideload?
If it is due to the versions, how can I perform a downgrade?

Thank you very much!

One more addition, the super_empty.img is missing on e foundations, so I took it from LineageOs.

I found a solution.

I had specially installed an UbuntuOS on my notebook so that I could install the super_empty.img, which strangely does not work under Windows. But the ADB sideload always aborts under Ubuntu when trying to install the eOS.

But that works fine under Windows.

I still have the question, why do I need the super_empty.img, is it even necessary and can I use it for all versions of LineageOS and eOS?

Thank you very much!

Hi Dent,
congrats on successful eOS installation, I am still struggling with my phone which is exactly as yours - Xiaomi Redmi 7A Mi439 model M1903C3EE Pine. Alas, I have no experience with mobile phones, so perhaps you’d be willing to install eOS on my phone too? We can do it remotely with my physical help, of course. Happy to pay for such service. I’m in Ireland, GMT time zone. Please PM me because I’m now stuck and can’t move on… I’m available on whatsapp, telegram and signal

Where certain partitions are required to be flashed in advance of Recovery and they are not provided as a separate download (“secondary images are not available”), they are expected to be found within the ROM.

[Walkthrough] Extract eRecovery and boot images using payload-dumper-go

Okay, thanks for your explanation.

For other Redmi7a users, the Super Empty Image from LineageOS works.

@alatus, give me a few days and I’ll write a simple step by step guide.

Great! My sincere Thank You for that, @Dent !!!

I have started to write the HowTo and realized that it is becoming too extensive.
Please try the official documentation, if you get stuck I will help you.

Important information about the official documentation:

  • you can find the super_empty.img here: https://download.lineageos.org/devices/Mi439/builds
  • I was not able to install from the internal memory or the SD card. You should carry out all preparatory measures via a Linux distribution (Ubuntu), because only there was it possible to install the super_empty.img. The actual installation of the eOS via ADB only worked for me via Windows.

First start with this documentation:

Best to describe where you are stuck. I said

One has to consider

  1. downgrade of Android version, mentioned above
  2. downgrade of Android SPL , seen in Settings > About phone > Tap on Android version.

The current /e/OS Android version SPL is found here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases search for “Security fixes”.