Xiaomi Redmi 7A (pine)

I will try to build as soon as I have some time.
Here are device tree, kernel and vendors :

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GSI Installation :

GSI installation on Redmi 7A is very particular because I used the /e/ Q GSI which is arm64 while Redmi 7A is arm32 binder 64. In fact, Redmi 7A have an 64 bit processor but the kernel included with it is only 32 bit, so we have to change the kernel to a 64 bit one (like the one of Redmi 8A which have the same processor !)

Let’s get started :

  • Flash Global MIUI using MiFlash (Tried using 11.0.4 Global)
  • Flash TWRP by fastboot
  • Enter TWRP by executing fastboot reboot while holding Vol+ key
  • When in TWRP :
    • Flash this zip, which contains 64 bit kernel
    • Wipe System partition
    • Flash the GSI (choose arm64_bvS)
    • Wipe Data, Dalvik/ART Cache and Cache
    • Flash this zip which will patch the boot sequence of the phone to allow booting on the GSI by disabling SecureBoot and Encryption
    • Flash this zip which will change SELinux mode to Permissive, less secure but solve many crashes (/e/Drive, AppStore, Gallery and Camera among others)
    • Wipe another time Data, Dalvik/ART Cache and Cache
  • Restart and enjoy ! (Bypass the “No operating system installed”, this is a TWRP bug : we just installed a GSI !)

Known bugs:

  • Passwords and encryption not working (encryption disabled in order to boot)
  • SELinux is in permissive mode (needed to solve /e/Drive, Gallery, Apps and Camera crashes)
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And now you can try my LeOS-R-GSI from here https://reuthernet.at/GSI/

LeOS is also ungoogled but based on AOSP. It includes no apps, pue OS but with MircoG (signature spoofing is still WIP)