Xiaomi Redmi 8 / 8T (ginko) - eOS-Q

Xiaomi Redmi 8 / 8T (ginko) Q-build for testing

Device info : https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ginkgo

Download : https://ecloud.global/s/ZWJddRZ4JXZgPo9

Make a backup first and please share your experience.

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Which Android version? ? Pie or Q? ?

Q-build… Sorry, I’ll adjust it…

Is it that one?
# Request Device Redmi Note 8: e-0.12-q-20201005-UNOFFICIAL-ginkgo

Do you have a repo and instructions to build the image and test it?

This is the one

For this build, I used the build script from : [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker

Great, and do you have a repository for your Q-source branch adapted to ginkgo?

Just modify DEVICE_LIST and BRANCH_NAME in the script. This device is officially supported by LOS.

Fantastic! I didn’t know it.
I’m just a noob :smiley:
Thanks a lot for your effort and info

Ok, finally got my Redmi Note 8T (willow) bootloader open and time to flash some rom tomorrow, maybe /e/ (I think this is unified build for both ginko and willow like Lineage OS is). I first readed about this unofficial build from here:

Device Request thread about Redmi Note 8/8T

Is that newest build available at that thread and also, if you have tested it would be nice to know what is working and what is not…? Especially cause I’m also bit newbie what comes to custom roms. If things goes wrong and something stops working it would be quite big learning curve to fix things… Anyway i hope you can give bit more information about the sate of this unofficial build, also where can I check if /e/ does even support my language or not?

Also could it be possible to include ANX Camera into build for this device by default in the future?

@me-droid Did you already test this build, is everything working fine? Would be nice to hear some feedback from someone before installing, or I might choose to test HavocOS3.11 at first, it has also AXNCamera preinstalled. And since it seems there are some problems with AXNCamera at Lineage OS when installing it afterwards, I would prefer preinstalled…

I did backup via twrp, first selecting boot, system and data but that always fails. without data everything is ok, even if selecting vendor and modem to it. I guess everything needed is backup now in case something goes wrong… I don’t have previous experience about backup and trying to restore if something goes wrong.

Note: Cant add new reply tho thread unless someone answers here (cause I’m new user), so I had to edit this post with hard hand. Read Edit history if intrested.

Since I figured out that someone has to be first to test and write something at public. I flashed build linked above in this thread. Short recap of what I’ve done. I flashed /e/ OS image above from this thread and at same time I also sideloaded magisk.


  • NFC payment works! (I’m using Pivo from Aurora Store, Pivo is payment app which is developed by bank I use [Osuuspankki in Finland], they don’t wan’t to rely on Google Pay).

  • In fact all banking apps I’ve tested at my country (OP Mobiili, S-Mobiili, MobilePay, Paypall and as mentioned Pivo) are all working. I do have msagisk installed, Magisk hide Probs instaled and setted divice fingerprint to Redmi Note 8T and I’m using Magisk hide for all banking apps.

  • Actually about everything so far seems to work…

  • LTE works at the limits of my contract with operator.

  • Phonecalls seems to work with great audio quality

  • Stable wifi. So far 0 drops from Wifi network where Nokia 7 Plus seems to drop connection several time a day.

  • Weather widget does work after editing that screen which is left from home screen. It just needs to be added there.


  • Pre-installed "weather “wiget”, called weather panel is not working, just keeps pending API key verification and says “no weather source selected” even when OpenWeatherMap is selected.

  • Had to install Aurora Store (first f-droid to install Aurora Store) to be able to install my banking apps. I was kind of thinking these would be found at /e/ app store.

  • No mention what source package is from at /e/ app store.

  • No AXNCamera (Ported MIUI Camera for AOSP devices) preinstalled for this device. Unfortunately OpenCamera has 0 chance against stock camera, so this is absolutely needed in the future. Haven’t yet tested which version will work. If this would be preinstalled maybe Magisk wouldn’t be needed.

  • If ROM would have pre setted fingerprint for device it is (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T [sure this dual thing makes it difficult] I think banking apps could work without Magisk.

  • Even when OP Mobiili banking app did work fine, it did niticy about root tools. One more reason to fix issues which needs Magisk to be installed. After all if goal is to be able to give this kind of phone to mother for example.

For more information I have to test more.

Please reply and give some of your experiences @me-droid & @itsclarence

I would say that this is really good start, no big hiccups to be fixed. I really hope this buld will get official support and some problems to be ironed out.


Thank you for report
Camera not working : pretty useless phone … QR codes are common nowaday !

Actually there is newer build available without red tint (haven’t test myself cause waiting official build which should be ready soon. Also there is option to change between cameras after all in default camera app.

Also might be that installing AXN Camera effected camera in generally, if even possible, but eould explain red tint. For QR Codes I recommend for example Binary eye:

I will do clean flash when official is available and write some experiences to that thread when it’s time for that. Might add link here if I remember. I won’t install AXNCamera etc at that time.

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Well, I think I don’t really understand … Does camera works or not ? If yes does GCam works?
(Just want to buy another device, as i have Mi9T, with /e/ for my family member and that’s available in my country)

Camera works, but with this e-0.12q there is red tint at pictures with some lightning conditions. Also AI features with /e/ Camera app aren’t in use I think. I haven’t try GCam but if I remember right from xda forums, GCam works with LineageOS so should work with /e/.

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OK thank you ! Glad to know that it works

I use gcam from gcam hub (celsoazevedo dot com) on 0.12q with mi9t : definitively betterave than opencamera