Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 - GINKGOIN

Try my unofficial Q-build. But be safe and make a backup first. Please share your experience.

Thanks! I currently havent got bootloader opened yet, So might be good chances that someone else will be first one to able to test your build, but I will follow how things will develop forward. Hopefully you get your build to be as official. Btw. Any information when /e/ will begin to be based on Android 10? I read from xda forums that Redmi Note 8/8T port of Lineage 18.0 development has been started.

This build is Q-build, which means it is build with the official sources of Lineageos 17.1. Also known as android 10. If that is what you meant?

This was my bad,was too tired that even when I saw Q, I was thinking Pie, like /e/ OS usually is mostly based I guess. Anyway, could you tell little what is working and what is not, and is this build going to become one of officially supported builds? Also does Android 10 gestures work? Even with Lawnchar launcher if Bliss launcher has some of it’s own gestures which migh or might not conflict. Thanks.

me too, i’m waiting for MIUI12 but that’s very long ! :frowning_face:

I got MIUI12 update with Android 10 base and newer fw about week ago. My experience about unofficial /e/ OS build mentioned above can be found at here:

Just scroll down to see latest post of mine. I cant reply anymore at that thread since I’m new user and there’s already many of my posts in row.

Waiting to get the official 8t /e/ support! Just got this device and it is absolute bargain compared to features if you can get it from sale. Just want it with e!

Have you installed e on 8t? Anything you’d care to share?

I have written first experiences on that other(unofficial build) thread and you probably didn’t ask from me but I will answer. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was really surprised how awesome /e/ OS, even the Blisslauncher. I was thinking that I will another launcher, but I won’t. Week behind now ans so impressed that I already translated Weather app to my language. :slight_smile: Also already one friend is waiting that I will flash his phone (different phonemodel).

Sure not everything is only positive. For example maincamera has red tint in some lightning conditions, other cameras doesn’t suffer from that, actually picture should have even bit warmer tuning wth other cameras than it does. Also ANXCamera (ported MIUI camera for AOSP devices suffers red tinting at some lightning conditions with every camera. Don’t actusally know what is causing this and can it be fixed.

Can installing AXŃCamera cause issues? Probably not, but very first picture before installing that had yellow tinting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I did install Magisk in order to install AXNCamera, used Magisk hide and got all my banking applications to work, even NFC payment. But since installing AXNCamera was suggested to do while temporarily removing screenlock, that NFC payment isn’t working anymore, all other bankig apps I got working again. Don’t know would single one of those work without Magisk thought. One more little issue is with Weather Panel, can’t get it to show weather even when following how to. Weather app does work and has all neededpermissions. If I add extra weather widget that will work thought.

Anyway I’m still using this as my dailydriver, hope that this device will get official support and those little issues ie. with camera will get ironed out. I will probably translate apps which are not part of /e/ OS (forked), but are preinstalled to my own language. Nothing against those forked app, but for me it feels like /e/ instance of gitlab is bit more “closed”, probably isn’t, but I feel like I’m not professional enough to register account there and star translating those forked aps also. :slight_smile:

Well that last part was bit offtopic, but related in the way rhat I definitely recommend to give it a try, I’m already so impressed that I started some translations etc. :slight_smile: Just be aware that it’s not perfect yet, has atleast those issues I mentioned.

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Thanks for your insights. Definitely useful info. I’ll start installing e hopefully tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it upnrunnin.

Are there any step by step instructions for the install process for this specific phone?

I followed Lineage OS wiki:

But instead installing LineageOS recovery I installed TWRP:

I managed to boot TWRP at first, but had problems later, for some reason device started stock recovery when power + volume up, got forward from there I had to follow guide how to reboot phone to twrp recovery from PC cmd / terminal (I use linux).

Double check these if you have similar issues, but I think it was something like, connect phone to PC (at this point I had bootloader opened and USB setted back to debug mode). If you don’t have this problem skip this booting to twrp recovery part. This is written partially from memory, so that’s why search and verify somewhere if you try following. I will doulple check later, but at quickly glance it seems right to me. Can’t find now what guide I was using selectively.

From terminal:

sudo adb devices (if on windows, no sudo)
(check if PC finds phone)

sudo adb bootloader

sudo fastboot devices
(check if fastboot finds phone)

sudo fastboot reboot recovery

I don’t actually recall for sure did phone booted directlt to twrp after that or did I need to hold power + power up.

After this I made backup from my stock rom following this guide:

Note: I didn’t copy data cause in my case it was empty and while trying keeping it on causede error at the end.

Now when backup is ready I connected phone to PC and copied backup files to PC just in case. After that I jumped back to following Lineage OS Wikipage. Just note that wikipage is using LineageOS Recovery iin the guide, twrp is bit different but needed functionality for sideload can be found there also.

After I flashed /e/ OS image at the step where wikipage sideloads LineageOS image, I also sideloaded Magisk cause I knew I was going to need that for testing porposes, but it’s not neccesary needed.

If everything goes fine things are quite straightforward after this, just starting and setting phone up with /e/ account.

Note: This was my first time I used sideload option and only second time to install custom rom in general, so that’s the reason I don’t remember all exact steps I faced, but in generally things should be able to done at this way and Lineage OS wiki is good friend to start. Also don’t do something if you are not sure of.

Edit: Could you @itsclarence correct me if I made some mistakes above, you have more experience. Especially mistakes which could lead to bricked device should always be ironed out, that’s why I also sis it’s better double check. On the other hand bricked device is always one possible scenario what could happem if things go wrong.

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I do not own this device, so another Note 8 e-user with this device can better assess your steps. At first glance I think you are doing everything right. The steps to make your backup are okay.

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Got finally bootloader unlocked. Installed twrp but it gives error 255 and I’m not able to make backups. There are no traces of multi-id, 999 folders etc. but it is possible that multi-id is the reason. Haven’t found anything related to this though.

Any ideas?

What OS do you use?

I use linux and first also got problem to install twrp (flash seemed to get stuck). In my case it was that like LineageOS wiki says you really need to enable developer mode and USB debug again after bootloader is opened. So had to lagin to stock android once again for that. After that I got twrp flashed with ok massages. You might have differen’t problem though.

One another note, I asked from telegram community support group:

And apparently official build for Redmi Bote 8 /8T is coming at this month, you might want to wait that. Anyway that’s good place to ask help too if you still can’t flash twrp or have provblems with it.

I’m on linux. Got twrp installed (usb debug etc. enabled) but while making backups it finishes with error 255.

As this is not really e related, just asked if anyone else here came across similar issue while going through the same process. Will check the twrp related forums for further solutions.

Thanks again, looking forward for the official release.

Oh did you choose to backup also data? I first tried with that too, but got error, don’t remember code thought. So when backup only those two I mentioned earlier I got backup success.

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Is there already date set for the official version? I’ll wait for that, if it’s not too far in the future.

Hi! According telegram group release of updates and newly supported devices is at week 2 2021 so Dev also can have some holiday. There’s also unofficial 0.13q build for this device available in this forum. If you don’t want wait you can try this build or newer 0.13. I will do clean flash to my device when official is released.

Has official rom been released yet? I’ve been waiting for it to install on my device, but did not find any info and it’s not on the official rom page either. Any news on the release date?

Well I don’t anymore want to say something which is not more or less official, or has even slightly possibility it was missunderstood… So maybe it’s worth to follow the answer since I asked at here:

I also did notice e0.14q build available for ginko at this forum. I might add link to that later, but at least from link above there will probably be answer what is current state and is newer unoffucial still the way to go. So answer directly hopefully from there.

Edit: Just in case, here’s link to thread with 0.14 build