Xiaomi Redmi 9 - Lancelot

Dear /e/ community, I recently got the Redmi 9 and I would love for it to be supported by /e/ as I am interested in a FLOSS operative system for my smartphone.

It is currently running on the Android 10QP1A.1907.11.020 based MIUI with the latest patch being the November security patch.

I’m not aware of any custom ROM for my device, but I don’t want to keep using MIUI 12. Please, help me have a better OS.

I already have deleted the bloatware of my phone using Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools 7.0.3, but that isn’t enough.


I just builded an unofficial Q-build (Android 10) for the lancelot. Are you willing to test this build?

Regards Edwin

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First off I’d like to say thank you for porting this at such an odd time! My bootloader countdown was up coincidentally within hours of you posting this on AFH. i use /e/ as my main OS now and wasn’t looking forward to having to manually build something to flash. Cool stuff.

I have been testing this and there is a couple problems. I know the brightness slider can be fixed, but the lock screen doesn’t turn the screen off completely. It stays backlit with the color black. I don’t have any kind of AOD or lock screen enhancement feature on. Not sure how to diagnose that one.

Seeing as I might be the first actual user of this ROM, I can keep up with you if there is any problems. Thanks again.

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Do you display time on lock screen ?
Nice to see a cheap smartphone running /e/ with a mediatek chip

Thank you very much for the build @sebasarena. Runs smoothly I miss the flashligth but realize, later, that the OS already got it… silly me.

Do you plan to update to e-0.XX-q-XXXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-lancelot.zip or we are gotta wait for an official build?

Hello dear E user’s, can you please confirm this build is for the redmi 9A?
I have received one from a friend, with the USB port dead, I have change the piece and I want to try the E os on it.