Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro [Anrdoid 11 (R)] (sweet)

Hi @Dus welcome to the /e/ forum.

This thread looks like it has the best info. Maybe you can try a suggestion given already. You could click all the links in this thread and see if there has been any movement forward with LineageOS (from which /e/ is a direct fork), if so, you could update this thread for any potential builder!

I found only the link for Lineageos. But I prefer the e-OS.

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There are 2 LOS-based custom roms on XDA:

…it could be interesting to ask their builders to make \e\ too !

Thanks, builders will be looking for

Yes this phone great for mid range and will have a lot of new people on it this year since the note 11 pro is litterally a downgrade from the note 10 pro. I hope the project can evolve on it. I’m already contributing on Patreon but unfortunately I have no android developpement skills. A simple +1 from me then

Find /e/ for the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro here

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I’d like to build the rom. Any chance the developper put the source code to let anybody build that sweet rom ?


Just search GH:

…and follow build guides:

It is already built :slight_smile:

…but seems that @vAx wanna build him/herself…

@Chimpthepimp Do you think is possible to configure a Colab Notebook to “autobuild” \e\ for sweet ?

A couple of -maybe- inspiring links (and our other 3ad):

Hope that inspires !

True @forart.it , I want to build it by myself coz I want to make some modifications.

I’m actually building lineageos roms for other devices (officially recognized) to understand the process and the needs to do the same on unsupported phones.
Usually, I’m a debian guy but I encounter problems while fetching repos, so I reinstall a new VM with an 22.4 ubuntu server and I get better results.

Next step will be a move to /e/, probably without docker.

Thanks for all these links. Very useful information for my project.


I have no idea about colab notebook autobuilds…

Well i used docker on debian for that build, i also used grewals lineage sources and am mainly waiting for /e/ to release theor android 12 sources, there are way better device sources for it…

I’m very excited to use this rom in Redmi note 10 Pro (Sweet). I saw the review of this rom and read the article on your official website and I just want to use this rom forever.!
I think most people don’t know about this rom but when you build this for the new devices then youtubers will install it and give there reviews on it. And the rom will get popular automatically.

Could you please tell me how much time will it take to release this rom for redmi note 10 pro?

Thanks developers! :blush:

Hi @Kamlesh welcome to the /e/ forum.

Are you telling us that you have tested the UNOFFICIAL build, linked above?

Unofficial /e/ R/A11 build for Xiaomi Redmi note 10pro (sweet).

Please feel free to give feedback on that thread!

I wanna buy this device, are there any offical support plan for that

Any updates on /e Android 12 coming for Redmi Note 10 Pro? I have this phone currently using Cherish ROM on it but really prefer a de-googled ROM.

There doesn’t appear to be an official Lineage OS build for this device:

So there is very little chance of an official /e/OS build happening.

The unofficial LOS 18 build linked above looks promising.

You could use that and not install GApps to give you a mostly working, pretty much de-Googled phone.

Or someone could use that as the basis for making a build of LineageOS for microG which would be even more functional and more de-Googled

Unofficial is available Unofficial /e/ R/A11 build for Xiaomi Redmi note 10pro (sweet) in Android 11; there was an update about Unofficial Android 12 in Post #3 of that thread.

Unofficial /e/ OS android 12 Unofficial /e/ OS - Android S/12 - Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro **sweet**