Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Firmware


Does anyone know if it’s possible to update firmware for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10.
E /os documentation says to downgrade with V 14.0.3 firmware to install 1.21 or 2.0 but in the lineage os wiki they tell to update to V14.0.9 to install lineage 20.0 . Knowing that e/os 2.0 is based on lineage 20.0 I was wondering if it was “dangerous” to do a firmware update like that!


Lineage has a different procedure than /e/. With Lineage you have to install a bunch of things “manually”.
But maybe you can go this way, install Lineage first, do a wipe and then install eOS. That should work, right?
I’ve ordered a 10pro, I’m curious to see which version is installed.

I use e/ os for about 1 month and I updated from 1.21 to 2.0 this week. I’m very happy with it, everything works well so I will not try to upgrade firmwares for the moment and wait for more informations. Perhaps new versions of e/ os will upgrade firmware in the future.
Thanks for the answer.

Updates from /e/OS usually come OTA, i.e. you click in the system that they should be installed, the phone restarts and installs the new update, done. Only Android updates from e.g. 11 to 12 usually do not come OTA. Further updates from /e/OS 2.x should also be able to be installed normally OTA.