Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Please add support for a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Kernel source: https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource/tree/lavender-p-oss

Pixel Experience ROM device-tree: ht-ps://github.com/PixelExperience-Devices/device_xiaomi_lavender
Havoc ROM: ht-ps://sourceforge.net/projects/havoc-os/files/lavender/
XDA ROM List: ht-ps://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-7/development#romList

Sorry, as a I new user I can only put 2 links in a post.


Как то не очень густо нас,желающих иметь такую уникальную прошивку на своём аппарате,но будем надеяться что все же нам так же повезёт ,как и владельцам note 7 pro!

I agree with you @spacelab. This device would be great with /e/ on it !

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Hi there, I’m waiting for this one as well :slight_smile:
Note : I think that in Europe we don’t have access to the Redmi 7 “Pro” device.

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Yes the Pro (“violet”) is only available in India. The common Redmi Note 7 is the “lavender”

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I agree, please add support for a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
Do you think the image of “redmin not 7 Pro” is compatible ?

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

Do not try to flash a firmware that doesn’t match perfectly with your phone.


I would prefer /e/, but while waiting for / e / support, crDroid can be an alternative :

I do not know if it’s still relevant, but LineageOS has suspended support for Xiaomi :


I just got this phone, please add support for it :+1:t2:

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Actually yes this piece of news is outdated since LineageOS brought back support for Xiaomi devices in September :slight_smile:



I would love a /e/ rom for Xiaomi Redmi note 7 too, please!

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Yes. It would be great to have the Redmi note 7 included into the list

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I also want support for this device

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Je serais content aussi s’il était inclus dans les téléphones adaptés

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I make my first request hoping that the translator does his job properly. I would like to install / e / on my three xiaomi redmi note 7 and as I was told to apply here, I hope it will be answered. I’m waiting…
Thanks to all the dev for the great work.

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See also device-suggestions /e/ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender) [1901F7G (global version)] …

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same here, would love to try it on my redmi note 7 lavender, the non pro version is way more popular in Europe