Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro (Begonia)

Requesting device Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

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I need this too, is there any change for that ?

Agree. I request it too.

If you would like a device to be supported, it’s always good to give a clue if the device already has some LineageOS support! :slight_smile:

Please test and report!

Does the E OS foundation support these developers financially in any way by sharing the donations collected in order for them to continue to build these monthly releases?

I can’t speak for all the people who make these unofficial /e/ builds , but I believe that many (most? all) of them are doing it for reasons that are not primarily financial.

I currently make unofficial and custom builds for several devices, (some of which I own, some I don’t), and I am the (volunteer, unpaid) maintainer of the official builds for three other devices which I do own. My motivations include, in no particular order

  • to have a good quality, up-to-date, privacy-friendly OS running on phones I use

  • to do something to encourage people to use the devices they own for an extended period, and not to get caught in the expensive and unsustainable trap of buying new phones every couple of years, when the phones they already own will continue to work for many more years

  • to keep my software engineering skills ticking over now I am retired from paid work

  • to have something to do when the weather is too bad to be outside running or playing golf

  • to be part of a community working on a worthwhile and interesting project

  • to work and collaborate on a free and open source software project, because I believe that collaboration and cooperation are a better way of doing business than the corporate capitalism that drives much technological development.

The /e/ Foundation are not a big organisation, and I don’t think that they have the resources to pay enough people to maintain the the large number of devices that are currently supported and maintained by volunteers. If they ever get to the point where they are making a good profit, then I will be happy to hand on what I do to a paid developer. Until then - or at least until something more interesting / engaging / worthwhile comes along - I’ll continue to spend some of my free time helping /e/ on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis.


Seems that CrDroid (wich is LOS-based) officially support it:

Hope that helps !

There was an unofficial /e/ build but it seems to be discontinued, and as far as I know, noone is working on it - sorry :frowning:

See this post in another thread

I also would like this device


Some -maybe- useful resources for those who wanna build:

wzwzx (the begonia device tree maintainer) seems not interested:

I’m sorry, I don’t want to build \e, which doesn’t contain any discrimination, I personally don’t want to maintain too much ROM at the same time :(sad