Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

It would be great to have /e/ OS for this amazing phone , is there a way that you guys Port /e/ Os to this device

Thanks in advance



First of all I want to thank the project, I will share it and encourage people to start with /e/ foundation. :wink:

I also have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro :heavy_check_mark:

It would be great to be able to install the operating system in my Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Thanks :gem::100:


Hello !

Same for me.


I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 w/MIUI v11 (Android 9 based) - non pro model is the same as Pro, except no NFC, right?

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not exactly the same : processor different

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lineage OS unofficial build for Cyanogenmod (for e developpers):

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Hello, my Redmi Note 8 pro says to me he would like to try /e/, juste to be free. Thanks for him.


Mine too : it wants to use /e/ with F-Droid.


Some firmwares for devs : https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/

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Me too :slight_smile:


Hi there!
I would also really love to see an official build of /e/ for this phone. Love the hardware but the preinstalled ROM is so bloated xP
As someone above me already pointed out, there is already an unofficial build of LineageOS for this device, if that helps.

Thank you for everything youre doing, cant wait to kick google off my phone, it’s about time : P

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Someone else too @ XDA is also asking for a deGoogled Note 8 custom

BTW I suggest you to collect official customs in a dedicated 3ad to help \e\ porting…

Hello, I am also a Redmi Note 8 Pro user. Totally agree with you, we need a support for this device! There is already an official support for Note 8 and 8T, and for what I know, they are not so different from the “pro” version, at least the first one. Hope that that means it will be easy for them to get a version for our smartphone too!

Your smartphone is, well, smart! :).

I have two people with this model whom I’d love to help migrate to /e/ from the spy- and adware-ridden Xiaomi stock ROM. Both are complete novice smartphone users, so /e/ would be perfect for them.

While I’d be able to perform the initial installation, I won’t be able to provide continuous tech support for them when problems arise, so a GSI is not really an option.


first i want to thank you for the project.
For my opinion, you should support the Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro. Because it’s a good hardware base.

Thank you for all the work.

See you