XMPP for /e/ accounts

I was thinking, what if there was an XMPP that worked with your /e/ email account. For example, Dave1@murena.io or Dave1@e.email XMPP accounts. Also, if it was integrated into the SMS app and would work by default among /e/ users, similar to how iMessage works between iPhone users. I have no idea if this would be an easy project or if this would be a massive headache to create, I just think it would be cool.

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If I’m not mistaken Above Phone has something like that as part of their Privacy Suite.

All but one of my phones are setup similarly. XMPP (my own instance), phone numbers via JMP.chat (call/text anyone in my contacts when using the Cheogram client - even uses the default dialer).

The phone/dialer part is outside the scope of your post but I think it would be kind of cool to have a Murena XMPP setup.

Currently XMPP clients can’t be used as SMS clients though I hear that’s in the works (Cheogram or clients in general, not sure).
On one of my PinePhone OSes is a client that does both SMS and XMPP so I know it’s possible. Just not yet on Android I think.

Murena wouldn’t even have to run their own server. They could use a host, like Snikket for instance, but with their own domain like I do.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how does the price of jmp.chat compare to a normal mobile price plan after factoring in providing your own data and sometimes paying extra when exceeding the 120 min monthly limit on phone calls?

Sorry but I can’t really answer that. I do not talk on the phone. I never call anyone and no one calls me unless necessary. Throughout the years on my monthly T-Mobile bills there would barely be five minutes of talk. Ten or fifteen minutes would be considered a lot for me.

When I had T-Mobile I was paying a lot per line ($50+ unlimited). On my daily driver and another phone I would lose VoLTE often which meant no calls. There was a period where things seemed quieter than normal, not even scam calls. That’s when I realized what a pain the whole VoLTE thing was.
Dumping that headache and the high prices in lieu of VoIP has worked out great for my usage. Incredibly inexpensive for me.
The phones have data only SIMs, too. Only one phone has normal service (Mint Mobile).

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I get that. I prefer texting to calling, but there’s some people who hate texting and much prefer calling, like older family members. I was just curious, because I have a T-Mobile data-only (plus texting) tablet sim card for $15/month I keep around that fits my phone and was thinking about just using that with jmp.chat. I still may just go to jmp.chat because I like the idea of being able to at least partially host my telephony service.

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The only requirement for JMP is an XMPP account from anywhere but the option of using Snikket hosting during setup is kind of cool.

You’ll be partially hosting your own instance.
You can then later invite/add friends and family to get an XMPP account through your instance. Call and text them via XMPP (free) as opposed to using their phone number (not free).
Assuming you can get them to install a client like Conversations, Snikket, or Cheogram. :grin:

I’ve only ever invited myself as a test. :grimacing:

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It would be fantastic to be able to use XMPP between any XMPP addresses, similar to email. That way we could finally beat the Whatsapp dominance.

It is so annoying that messengers like WA, Telegram etc. made XMPP a closed system by hiding the addresses, when it is technically not necessary.

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I believe, back in the day, that you could use an XMPP account to message people on WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Google Hangouts, but then they all closed off their messengers.